CK Mafutha Welcomes You

CK Mafutha (Pty) Ltd is an independent fuel wholesaler based in Cape Town, which is 100 percent black-owned and 50 percent women-owned. We supply and deliver all petroleum products such as diesel and petrol.

CK Mafutha also owns and operates a fuel storage facility with a capacity of 18-million litres. Access to own storage facility ensures security of fuel and guarantees reliable fuel supply to customers at all times and even when other independent wholesalers experience fuel shortages. This capability sets us apart from the others.

In order to ensure fuel delivery capacity to any part of South Africa, including very remote areas, we are in partnership with a reputable fuel transporting company that has a national footprint and a good reputation in the fuel market for reliable and quality delivery services.

Our Vision

To be a globally competitive, independent fuel wholesaler and storage operator supplying and delivering petroleum products driven by the culture of customer service excellence and sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable security of fuel supply through access to integrated fuel storage facility. Supply and deliver fuels in a safe and cost-effective manner that adds value to our customers.